Søren Emil

Søren Emil

Management: Anders@thearrangement.dk

Label: Playground Music

Søren Emil is a talented Danish songwriter, guitarist and artist.

He started playing as a kid and laterbegan playing in a hip-hop/soul band he started with five friends. They played at Spot Festival and in Store Vega.

After that, he started Krystalsøn with his friend Sebastian Wegener (Joyce). This is where he really got to work on his songwriting, going to sessions, and recording vocals.

Over the last three years, Søren Emil has worked as a songwriter for different artists and attended multiple international writing camps in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Mallorca and Aarhus Calling 2019 where he won the prize for the “Best Talent Song”.

During the last three years he has also focused a lot on his solo project and being part of a trio project TBA. He has been writing with some top songwriters like Jamie Hartman and Lindy Robbins during his LA visit. In September 2023 he released his debut album “Cruising At Various Speeds”.