Rasmus Søegren

Rasmus Søegren

Rasmus Søegren is a Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer.

In 2014 he started the critically acclaimed band “Young Tiger” with the danish singer Emma Grankvist.

After the group went separate ways in 2019, Rasmus started working as a producer for other artists.

In 2021, Rasmus produced and co-wrote 2 singles that went number one on the Danish radio airplay charts, making him one of the most played producers on the radio in Denmark that year.

His credits include Ericka Jane, Hjalmer, Saso, Bathseba, Ea Kaya, Dopha, Eeegee, Bbybites, Soels, and many others.

Rasmus has signed an exclusive publishing deal with The Arrangement and Loud Hill Publishing, founded by Maja Katrine Kohl and Jonas Jeberg, the US #1 and multi-platinum awarded songwriter/producer with international hits like “ High Hopes” by Panic At The Disco.